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Divemaster Koh Tao – Living the Dream

The last couple of weeks have seen some spectacular diving at Sairee Cottage Diving. While the wind has been up, the underwater world has really come alive with stunning visibility and abundant life. Being a PADI Divemaster Koh Tao at Sairee Cottage Diving, I am lucky to dive every single day. This is perfect, because I come up from every dive thirsty for more.

Divemaster Koh Tao – My Office

Having already dived Chumpon Pinnacle multiple times, I am in awe with the fact that it can still surprise me. Last Monday was the nicest I have ever seen it, with easy 30 meters plus visibility, an astonishing thermocline at 28 meters and stunning marine life. Fortunately I was diving with Nitrox, allowing me to stay at depth longer than standard compressed air. Diving on top of the thermocline felt like flying over an enormous cloud. Truly mind blowing! With large schools of barracuda, rainbow runners, multiple eels and my personal favourite, the yellow boxfish, the dive will be hard to beat. Although I’ve had that thought often before.

Divemaster Koh Tao – My Day Off

Divemaster Koh Tao Shark Island

A couple of days later myself and two of the other PADI Divemasters at Sairee Cottage Diving, Lionel and Kaylie, had the morning free. So we did what we usually do on our days off – diving! We always enjoy going fun diving ourselves in our free time, one of the many perks of working as a PADI Divemaster Koh Tao. The dive sites for the morning were Lham Tien and Shark Island, and just like Chumpon Pinnacle, both were as nice as I have ever seen them. Lham Tien, known primarily for its astounding topography was exceptional with crystal clear water. The highlight, two inquisitive cobia sneaking up right behind us. Having done a long dive at Lham Tien, Shark Island was a short dive for us. A quick visit to 30 meters to have a play and a laugh in the silt was all we needed to enjoy ourselves!

What are your favourite fun diving experiences? Share them with us!

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