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Diving At Night In Koh Tao

There are plenty of night time activities on Koh Tao. Night diving is one that we are excited about at Sairee Cottage Diving. Koh Tao is a great place to learn scuba diving due to its vast variety of beginner to intermediate dive sites. Most of these are located close to Sairee Beach. This makes them ideal for a night dive. Some of our favourite spots for night diving are Pottery, Twins and White Rock.

Why should you do a night dive?

Expanding Your Diving Skills

Once you have completed your PADI Open Water course at Sairee Cottage Diving, you can continue to your PADI Advanced Open Water course and choose a night dive as one of your 5 adventure dives. Buoyancy, the buddy system, as well as communication, are all incredibly important skills to solidify when night diving. It is also more challenging to navigate a night dive, making navigation during the day seem easy! Some divers love night diving and even go on to complete their Night Diving specialty. Who knows, maybe you will soon lead your own night dive as part of your Divemaster Training by becoming a professional diver.

Different Marine Life Behaviour

A lot of marine life tends to be nocturnal and comes out to play at night. We often observe stingrays hunting, hermit crabs battling each other for a nicer shell to live in or even making love! The darkness of the night also brings out the many different and beautiful feather stars or Crinoids. These are related to sea urchins and sea stars. They are ancient creatures that used to litter our prehistoric oceans in great variety of species and in epic sizes. We also regularly encounter octopi and cuttle fish, which are mostly hidden away during the day.

Koh Tao Night Diving Feather Star Crinoids

Diving with Increased Sense of Adventure

Diving is an adventure sport which often makes you feel like an explorer of an unknown world. Some of us at Sairee Cottage Diving are convinced that some of these amazing creatures we encounter are as close as we will get to meeting an extra terrestrial creature! There is an abundance of absolutely fascinating marine species to be admired on Koh Tao whilst night diving.

Koh Tao Diving At Night

Do you have a memory of night diving you want to share with us? Leave a reply below!

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