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Mapping a Divesite Project – Divemaster Course Snippet

The PADI Divemaster course combines practical assessments, theory sections, workshops, lectures, eco projects and much, much more. One of the practical assessments is the ability to map a new divesite during the mapping project and evaluate its potential for customers of all levels of diving experience.

Around the world PADI Divemasters are responsible for finding new divesites, in fact almost every divesite that you have dived was most likely mapped primarily by a divemaster for the first time.

Mapping is one of the most rewarding assessments during the PADI Divemaster course as it truly allows you to explore areas in full detail and potentially discover new areas for us to take our divers on a day to day basis. Sure, a few times you will most likely find yourself lost!!! This is however part of the experience, you will find that with the training received from Sairee Cottage Diving that even though you may be lost you can remain safe and still enjoy yourself.

Divemaster Mapping Project

Navigation plays an important role in your ability to map, we teach basic compass techniques to assist with your directional knowledge and we will also be showing you some of the best techniques for mapping a large area in the most efficient manner by performing some underwater patterns.

Using your slate or underwater paper you will draw a birds eye view map of the divesite including direction, divesite depths, topography and any interesting points of reference. This is later transferred onto a piece of standard A4 paper and handed in for evaluation.

If you would like to learn more about mapping and exploring the underwater world then look no further than Sairee Cottage Diving, Koh Tao, Thailand. Come and see us and enroll in your life-changing PADI Divemaster Course now!! Check out for more information.

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