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Divemaster Program 2016 – A Year in Review

2016 has been a fantastic year for our Divemaster program here at Sairee Cottage Diving on Koh Tao, Thailand.

Sairee Cottage Diving Team Photo

We are really pleased to have certified 67 brand new PADI Divemasters in the last 12 months of running our divemaster program, which is a huge increase on the 39 we certified the year before. What is even more pleasing for me is that a large percentage of the people we certified were either friends of people who had already done the course with us, or had done other diving courses with Sairee Cottage Diving and enjoyed themselves so much they wanted to stay for much longer and become part of the Sairee Cottage Diving professional diving family.

Divemaster Program Snorkel Test Candidates

Aom Reception Snorkel Test

Nick doing Charades Snorkel Test

Rebecca Snorkel Test

Jonny Snorkel Test

What is also great is how many of those that we have certified have gone on to get jobs either here on Koh Tao or elsewhere around the world, or continued their diving career by doing the Instructor Development Course.

In true Sairee Cottage Diving style we rounded the year off with the legendary Snorkel Test for the last group of 2016, who showed their skills in Aquatic Life Charades, putting together and donning their scuba equipment while blindfolded, and of course a minor amount of alcohol consumption. A great night was had by all and this solidifies the relationship between those attending the divemaster program and staff as well as other divers that share the passion of diving with Sairee Cottage Diving

Sairee Cottage Diving Divemaster Program

So, a big thank you to all of you who have been with us during 2016. We hope you have had as good a year as we have. And we look forward to welcoming and creating many new top quality dive professionals during 2017.

If you want to become a dive professional and work in some of the most beautiful places the world has to offer, or would simply like to improve your diving skills, take a look at www.divemastercourses.com or www.saireecottagediving.com, and come and join our divemaster program soon.

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