Practical Skills | Divemaster Courses Thailand

Practical Skills

The Divemaster course is a comprehensive set of academics, dive theory, workshops, and in-water practical work.

Many candidates find the in-water practical work to be their favourite part of the course as these often provide new and unique challenges and experiences that most divers haven’t experienced.

The aim of the in-water practical work is to bring a candidates dive skills and confidence up to a professional level, setting them apart from recreational divers.
This work includes dive site setup and management, dive briefings, underwater skill demonstration circuits, diver rescue scenarios, underwater stress tests, deep diving, search and recovery missions, as well as assisting instructors with PADI courses.

Setting up and Managing Dives

A part of the Dive Master course is to learn what needs to happen to keep a dive operation running as well as getting hands on practice under the supervision of senior Dive Masters. Much goes on behind the scenes in order to provide customers with an enjoyable experience.

Dive Masters are often responsible for making sure that all equipment, personnel, emergency equipment, transportation, food, and travel logistics is ready and functional. It is a big part of a successful dive trip.

By the end of the course a Dive Master is ready to take on the planning and execution of our boat trips here on Koh Tao.

Briefing and Leading Dives

Another main aspect of a Dive Master’s job is to lead certified divers underwater to not only keep them safe but to act as liaisons to the local underwater world.
Customers expect professionalism, confidence, great dive skills, as well as knowledge about diving and the underwater world.

The aim of simulated certified dive leads and briefings is to bring a trainee’s skills up to these levels.
By gaining a broad base of experience and confidence in the water through dozens of training dives, as well as keeping rescue and deep diving skills sharp, Dive Masters will be ready to show customers a memorable, safe, experience once they start working.

Assisting Instructors

Any Dive Master will tell you that their favourite portion of the course is assisting on multiple PADI courses with full fledged instructors.

Divemaster Trainees are required to assist with at minimum one open water course, one continuing education course, a scuba skills tune-up, and a Discover Scuba Dive experience.
These are just minimums however – most candidates assist on multiple of each course in order to build more experience.

The role of an assistant is not only to provide logistical support for diving instructors, but also to work with students on a one-on-one basis when they are struggling with either skills or dive theory.

While not able to directly teach and evaluate a student’s performance, Dive Masters can provide advice and assistance under the supervision of the instructor.

When asked what was the most rewarding part of the Dive Master course, graduates typically say that getting to work directly with students and assisting in helping them succeed and enjoy diving was far and away their favourite aspect.

To conclude…

The practical portions of the Divemaster course described above are just a small portion of all of the activities that candidates get to take part in. Not only are they rewarding because they can take your dive skills up to the next level, but they’re fun as well. Accomplishing each milestone as you work through the course, especially in a team-oriented environment, is truly a great experience!